Vinh Long Vietnam. Referring to Vinh Long, anyone can think of a dense river, canals and rivers, or enjoy the peaceful and comfortable feeling when walking through the heavy fruit gardens fruit and green fields. Located right in the center of the Mekong Delta and accreted with alluvial soil from the Tien and Hau Rivers, the land here is very fertile and lush growth of many special fruits such as Nam Roi, orange, mango, tangerine, longan. , rambutan ... In addition to visiting the orchards or traveling right at the people's houses, visitors can also visit traditional craft villages famous for products that have been present in the world such as ceramics and textiles. mats, knitting, and tile ... Not too noisy, crowded and bustling like Saigon. Not too old and quiet like An Giang. Vinh Long Vietnam is a place that still has a unique feature to attract tourists to come here.

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