Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom. Tangerine is very delicious, it is good to cut the sauce, sweet yellow, sweet, squeeze the water is extremely quality. Suitable for children to eat because it is easy to eat. Orange is a kind of tropical fruit tree, native to Southeast Asia, China and India. Currently in Vietnam there are quite a number of good cultivated areas, such as Tien Giang, Can Tho and Dong Thap. However, the best is still Cam Ranh Lai Vung - Dong Thap, this is also a famous gift of this land dear people. Lai Vung Tangerine Kingdom. Where is famous for its fermented pork roll. However, Lai Vung is perhaps better known today as the “Tangerine Kingdom”. In the days near the New Year, visitors come here to feel like the spring has returned. Indeed, every tree is full of fruit, round and succulent, waiting to be harvested.

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